Virtual Hockey - NHL Player Finds a Virtual Solution for Kids During this Holiday Season

Jan 12, 2021, 07:00 ET

TORONTO, Jan. 12, 2021 /CNW/ - As Canadians, we are coping with an unprecedented time in our history. Leave it to a true Canadian to find an unprecedented solution for those of all ages deprived of hockey.

Michael Del Zotto, a local Stoufville kid has made his hometown proud with an exciting career in the NHL playing for the Stanley cup winning St. Louis Blues and the Anaheim ducks.  Now he has introduced an exciting way to motivate hockey players of all ages to stay fit and continue working on their skills despite the pandemic.

This new idea is an affordable, web-based in-home training program that allows everyone to work on hockey skills, and fitness while receiving points and rewards which can be redeemed toward tangible prizes such as NHL signed jerseys, sticks etc. This has a tremendous impact on the user's motivation and interest level to push themselves to be active and strive to be rewarded.

"When I started this I just thought, hey this will help some kids get off the video games" says Del Zotto. "Little did I know that demand for this product would go worldwide."

The name of the company is Virtual Hockey, an online video-based training program. It includes the ability to work through a multi-level platform that is designed to train hockey players through a series of difficulty levels from rookie to veteran. This program was designed to not only train the body, but also appeals to the mental health of all players as they regain a sense that the ability to improve in hockey is back within their grasp.

"Why not make it a holiday gift for those kids who don't have hockey in the foreseeable future, keep them moving and off the couch," said Michael Del Zotto

Virtual Hockey will be sold online through the virtual hockey site.

For more information contact us, at [email protected], to arrange for an interview with Michael Del Zotto and the virtual hockey team.

Virtual Hockey

Virtual Hockey is designed by hockey players…for hockey players! Based on training methodologies that work for proven results!