Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can we skip levels?
No. Each level was created as a stepping stool for the next. Our program has been tested by multiple athletes and has a formula for success. Also, the more levels you beat the more points you get!

2. How do I redeem my points?
Points will automatically be given for different tasks completed. There are 2 main ways to redeem points. The first is a redemption. This is when you redeem a prize for a certain amount of points (E.g. Redeeming points for a Buttendz). You will be directed to your cart as if you were making a money purchase and will enter your shipping address for the product to be shipped to you. The second way to redeem is to enter draws for prizes. These are bigger prizes (Eg. Signed game used NHL player gloves) and there is no limit on the amount of times you may enter a draw.

3. What happens when I complete all the levels?
We are in the midst of making Elite, Pro and Allstar levels. Our website and program will constantly be evolving to make sure that you keep improving. If you have anything you would like to see featured, feel free to DM us on our Instagram account.

4. What is your privacy policy?
We take the protection of your personal information seriously. Please be sure to read our privacy policy, found at the bottom of the home page to become familiar with the steps we have taken.

5. What equipment does my son or daughter need?
Athletes will need workout clothes, running shoes, a hockey stick, (hockey gloves optional), 2 smaller sticks shafts and a danglers (allowing a stick or ball to pass under it, a stick shaft laid across 2 shoes will work). We recommend 5 pucks (preferably that slide like a green biscuit) or a few stickhandling balls depending on what you prefer.  Workouts are vigorous so a WATER BOTTLE and sweat towel will be needed as well.

6. What is the best way to watch the videos?
The best way to watch our program is through a laptop. If possible connect it to a TV but it is not mandatory.

7. Who do I contact if I have an issue?
If there is any issue at all please send us an email to coac[email protected] and we will get back to you within 48 hours.

8. Can other people get onto my account?
Each account is password protected. Please do not share the password with anyone. We suggest changing the password every few months for extra protection.

9. I exited the video without clicking the complete workout button once I was finished and now it is making me start the workout from the beginning… now what?
It is very important to click the complete workout button once you finish. Our videos do not auto-save progress for individual users, so please be sure to dedicate at least 40 minutes each time you plan to workout and CLICK THE BUTTON!!!

10. What happens to my points if I cancel my subscription.
Unfortunately all points are erased once an account is cancelled. Even if a person re-registers, they will have to start from a zero points balance.

11. What happens after the one day free trail?
Once 24 hours has passed from the time of registration, your card will automatically be charged at the monthly billing cycle rate. You can save money and upgrade at any time to a yearly payment plan by clicking upgrade account in the agent’s office.

12. What is the purpose of the Agent’s Office?
The Agent’s Office is where all the account information is held. Here is where contact info, shipping address and payment information can be stored and changed if necessary.

13. What happens in the Trophy Room?
The trophy room is where your achievement ribbons, medals and trophies are found. It’s also where you can see your site progress on workout completions. You can share these achievements on social media to earn extra points. You can also toggle between awards you have earned and see future awards you can set your eyes on.

14. What do I do in the Friends and groups tab?
In the friends tab, you can search for other users and request friendships. Please note friendships are for tracking your friends workout progress and accomplishments. You will not be able to see or communicate with them in any way. You can also create groups in this tab, where you can link a group of friends and make a leaderboard situation. If your team is registering, you can friend them all and link them to a group list for some friendly competition and bragging rights.

Don’t see your question here?
Write to us at [email protected] and we will respond within 24 hours.

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